Edge Cat 3 Frostech Blue

Edge Cat 3 Frostech Blue

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Edge Cat 3 Frostech Blue Lenses
A blue mirror lens set that looks attractive, and packs a punch in terms of specifications. The Frostech lenses feature a mirror coating that provides an anti-glare capability, and vent cut-outs that allow your eyebrows to breathe, thereby preventing fogging and sweat patches from forming on the rear surfaces.

The Category 3 light treatment of the Frostech lens means it is perfect for use in normal, sunny conditions. It offers 100% UVA / UVB protection, and has an anti-scratch coating.

The Frostech lens set is ideal for general sports and leisure use. The vented lenses make this set especially good for skiing, climbing, driving, running, tennis and cricket.

A replacement or spare category 3 Blue Frostech lens set for all Edge sunglasses packages. These lenses can also be purchased as an extra pair for Edge Black and Edge Red packages (which have the red Frostech lenses as standard).

  • Razpoložljivost: Na zalogi
  • Kataloška številka: RAPL064
  • Proizvajalec: Rapid Eyewear

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