Lynx Avionics

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Lynx Headset Bag (LYNX-HEADSET-BAG)

Lynx Headset Bag
A soft cloth bag used to store an individual headset. The bag is made from fleece cloth and incorporates a drawnstring closure. The bag provides suitable protection for a headset when not being used.


  • Protective bag for an individual headset
  • Soft fleece cloth
  • Drawstring closure

Colour: Black

14,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Visor Extension (white) (LYNX-VISOR-EXT-W)

Lynx Visor Extension (white)
The Visor Extension is designed for use with a Lynx visor (face shield) and combines with the visor to form a streamlined assembly. The extension is injection moulded from the same Polycarbonate material as the helmet which ensures an accurate fit to the visor with maximum strength. The extension can be factory fitted to the visor or supplied as a kit of parts.


  • Streamlined profile
  • Injection moulded Polycarbonate
  • Factory fitted or kit of parts

Colour: White

42,00€  Inc Tax
Lynx Leather Goggles (LYNX-GOGGLES)

Lynx Leather Goggles
Authentic MARK49 goggles with brass frames and stitched leather face mask. The goggles provide a classic look.


  • Authentic WWII design
  • Brass frames
  • Hand stitched leather work
116,00€  Inc Tax
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