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PolMar PL-760 VHF Air Band Transceiver (PL-760)

PolMar PL-760 VHF Air Band Transceiver
PolMar PL-760 VHF Air Band Transceiver is designed for experimental aircraft with limited panel space and requiring low power consumption, the PL-760 fits a standard 5.7 cm (2-1/4") instrument hole.

With it’s built-in voice activated intercom with manual squelch control, the PL-760 has proven superior performance in the noisy environment that kit aircraft are known for. The PL-760 has a 5 Watt transmitter, a 11-33 V power supply, and com frequency range of 118.00 to 136.975 MHz.

Technical Specifications


Frequency range:118.00 to 136.975MHz
Channel spacing:25kHz
Mode:AM (6A3)
Memory channels:32
Acceptable power supply:11.7V to 33Vdc (Negative ground only)
Usable temp. range:20°C to +60°C
Frequency stability:+/- 5ppm
Current drain:TX: 3A(max), RX 0.8A(max), Standby: 300mA
Dimensions:61 x 159 x 61 mm (W x D x H)
Exposed dial face:56.4mm (2 1/4.5 inches)


Output power:5 W (carrier), 16W (pep)
Modulation:small stage modulation
Modulation limiting:85% to 100%
Audio harmonics distortion:Less than 15% (at 85% modulation)
Adjacent channel power:-70dBc
Hum and noise ratio:More than 40dB
Spurious emissions:-16 dBm or less
Antenna impedance:50Ω


Receive system:Double conversion superheterodyne
Intermediate frequency:1st: 38.85MHz (Upper)
2nd: 450kHz (Lower)
Sensitivity (at 6dB S/N):Less than 1 uV
Squelch sensitivity:0.5 uV (Threshold)
Selectivity:More than ±8kHz (at 6dB)
Less than ±25kHz (at 60dB)
Spurious response rejection:More than 60dB
Audio output power:More than 4W (at 4Ω)
Side tone:More than 100mW (at 600Ω)
Hum and noise:More than 30dB
Audio output impedance:Ext. SP 4Ω (4 to 8Ω) Side tone 600Ω
Spurious emissions:-57dBm or less

Dimensions (W x D x H):
61 mm x 159 mm x 61 mm

430 g


User Manual:

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